Trixie Firecracker (poisonivory) wrote in late_night_lohr,
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hee hee hee

So I'm looking for pictures of Aaron for a banner for this comm, Aaron's career just never stops being funny, does it? Why did you guys never TELL me? From now on, whenever I get down in the dumps, I will think of Aaron's film roles, and I will smile. (Also I will go to this page.)

I mean, come on. He was MICKEY DOLENZ in the VH1 Monkees movie. He was in the "Let's Hear it For the Boy" video. He was on Family Matters, and Sister Sister, and TEEN ANGEL.

Also, apparently he's told his agent to get him an audition for anything homoerotic ever.

I adore this man. We are stalking him SO HARD when Bare opens again. *fist of determination*

And I am getting an autograph on my Goofy Movie soundtrack.
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